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Graduate Bridge Program Rationale

Section G.2 of the Graduate School Handbook

Some individuals and graduate programs would benefit from a bridge graduate program that would support graduate students who may be appropriate recruits for the program, but need additional time, mentoring, coursework, adaptation, or a lower course load to have a successful transition into a full-time graduate program at The Ohio State University. This program would also provide flexibility in acceptance dates and graduate enrollment prior to the student’s transition into a targeted graduate program.

These students would be mentored as bridge students by their graduate programs as potential recruits. The programs would design the student’s bridge experience to mature the student’s talent to excel in their programs. The GBP would serve as a conduit for a supportive, flexible, environment for the student’s professional development. The students eligible for this program face challenges in the current graduate admission process that can impede them from fulfilling their educational and, in some cases, professional goals. The GBP would create opportunities for such individuals without impacting the rigors of graduate education at Ohio State, thus providing a professional development opportunity and fostering better opportunities for life-long learning and contributions for these students.