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Difference from Non-Degree and Conditional Designations

Section G.4 of the Graduate School Handbook

Non-Degree. Individuals with an accredited undergraduate degree may currently take graduate courses as non-degree students; however, they have no standing within the Graduate School and, should they subsequently be accepted into a graduate program, could only receive credit for 7 hours towards their eventual degree. The GBP would grant admission into the Graduate School and accrue more degree-readying hours and advance the career development of students.

Conditional admission. This designation requires that a particular degree program petition the Graduate School to waive a requirement or requirements. The student must be able to transition to a regular student on a timeline and obtain the 3.0 average GPA for all graduate work on schedule. Conditional admits who are unsuccessful count against the success-rate numbers of a program, thus there is little incentive for graduate committees to extend chances to prospective students with unconventional profiles. Yet, such prospects might not only be deserving of the opportunity but in position to make unexpected contributions. The GBP could provide such students the chance to prove their readiness for advanced graduate work and to generate faculty relationships without risk to a program’s reputation or metrics for standings.