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Graduate Advising Best Practices Overview

Section H.1 of the Graduate School Handbook

Graduate advising is best understood as a relationship between graduate student and faculty advisor where both parties can expect that the other party will follow best practices in fulfilling his or her responsibilities as graduate student or advisor.

The relationship between a graduate student and advisor is one that can have a great impact on the academic achievements and life of a graduate student. This relationship can greatly encourage the academic pursuits of the graduate student, proving to be one of the most influential interactions of the scholar’s life. A relationship in which mutual expectations are not understood, however, may diminish a graduate student’s potential.

This document outlines the minimum expectations for best practices in graduate advising at The Ohio State University. It is meant to be a spring board for each graduate program to discuss, develop, or reevaluate its local advising expectations and practices. This document was created in 2012 by the Council of Graduate Students in consultation with the Graduate School and approved by the Graduate Council.