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Graduate Student Responsibilities

Section H.3 of the Graduate School Handbook

  • Conduct academic pursuits in an ethical manner and develop professionally. 
  • Uphold academic integrity for all coursework, including distance learning courses. Academic integrity is a commitment to five fundamental values of education: honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility. 
  • Pursue opportunities that advance career as a graduate student and beyond. 
  • Take ownership of academic progress and perform duties in a conscientious and timely manner. 
  • Keep aware of Graduate School policies by reviewing both Graduate School and local unit handbooks, especially during the periods prior to the start and end of semesters and terms, GA appointment processing, Graduate School fellowship acceptance, administration of candidacy and final examinations, the semester of graduation, and commencement. 
  • Identify and meet all stated University deadlines, policies, and procedures, including those of the Graduate School (e.g., enrollment and graduation deadlines). 
  • Devote significant and productive time toward degree completion. 
  • Stay abreast of requirements for degree completion through active and regular discussions with advisor. 
  • Communicate career goals and concerns related to academic progress clearly. 
  • Initiate communication with the advisor. 
  • Respect the responsibilities of the advisor. 
  • Maintain open communication with advisor. 
  • Communicate need for time off or reasonable accommodations for health conditions and familial responsibilities. 
  • Allow sufficient time for the advisor to provide feedback in advance of deadlines. 
  • Maintain professionalism by keeping up with graduate student responsibilities even when advisor is not present.