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Outcomes & Innovations

Our graduate students and faculty push the boundaries of discovery.

Disseration Defenses

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Student Research

Ohio State's reputation spans the globe. And that reach is tied to the impact of research done by graduate students.

More Student Research

To strengthen an opinion, simply say it is based on morality

Simply telling people that their opinions are based on morality will make them stronger and more resistant to counterarguments, a new study suggests.

How is rattlesnack venom like fine wine? Both have regional varieties

COLUMBUS, Ohio – If you’re a rattlesnake, you want to bring the right weapon to a squirrel fight.

Resources for successful research

These tools and resources will support your graduate research at Ohio State.

Research Resources

Summer Research Opportunities Program

The Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) helps undergraduates from underrepresented groups explore opportunities for graduate study and academic careers. SROP participants work closely with Ohio State faculty mentors to develop the knowledge and skills critical to success in graduate school.

Graduate School Research

See some of the great work being done by the Graduate School.

Doctoral Program Assessment

The assessment was undertaken in partnership with the college deans. The doctoral programs were classified by indicators of quality from high quality to disinvestment or elimination. ...

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Campus Conversation about Graduate Education

This process will result in a document of consequence that will provide direction to the next leader of the Graduate School. Ohio State graduate students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders will have an opportunity to participate in these conversations. ...

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We provide leadership, service and advocacy. 

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