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Preparing Future Professionals (PFP)

Today's Ohio State University master's, professional, and doctoral students graduate as highly educated and skilled in their field. The university however, has become increasingly aware of the importance of providing work ready education, to help Buckeyes be career ready and employable, not only in higher education, but also other areas such as industry, business, entrepreneurship, etc. There are different efforts by various university offices on campus to help students become work ready.

Graduate students can enhance their education and prepare for their future profession (PFP) by:

  • understanding the job market
  • exploring discipline specific career information
  • be aware of university resources
  • attend workshops on job search elements
  • attend career fairs
  • facilitate further career exploration through workshops
  • know what your transferable skills are
  • engage in self reflection
  • meet with your mentors
  • create a career map
  • develop a career portfolio


The list above serves as a general guideline and can be expanded.

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