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Applying for Graduate Minors and Interdisciplinary Specializations


  1. Talk to an Advisor

    Students should discuss their interest in pursuing a minor/GIS with their advisor and determine how to best incorporate it into their program of study.

  2. Submit the Form

    Students should submit a Minor and Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization form in GRADFORMS. The form serves as the student’s application. The coordinator of the minor/GIS will be notified to review the application, and the student’s advisor will receive an email notice that the student submitted the form.

  3. Form Approval

    If the student is accepted into the program, the chair of the minor/GIS program will approve the electronic program form. This action routes the form to the Graduate School.

  4. Confirmation

    Once the Graduate School confirms the decision, the student will receive a confirmation email.

  5. Curriculum Approvals

    The student must adhere to the curriculum of the minor/GIS program as indicated on the program form. If changes in the approved curriculum are necessary, the student must have the change approved by the minor/GIS program, which will notify the Graduate School. Departures from the approved minor/GIS program could result in the specialization not appearing on the student’s transcript.

  6. Transcript Designation

    When the student has completed the minor/GIS program, the student must complete the minor/GIS transcript designation form in GRADFORMS for final review. Once reviewed and approved by the minor/GIS program and the Graduate School, the designation will be posted to the student’s academic record.