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Campus Conversation on Graduate Education

Creating a collective vision for future directions in graduate education at Ohio State.

Initiated by Provost Bruce McPheron and organized by the Graduate School, this project is engaging stakeholders at Ohio State in conversations and workshops about graduate education at Ohio State.

Diversity and InclusionFunding EnvironmentProfessional Development


The graduate community is invited to participate in the Campus Conversation on Graduate Education Summit on Wednesday, May 3, 8:30 a.m.–noon, Blackwell Ballrooms A, B, and C. The doors will open at 8 a.m., and refreshments will be provided.


This important meeting gives you a chance to hear about the findings from the year-long campus conversation process and to help plan Ohio State’s direction for graduate education over the next 10 years. Provost Bruce McPheron, who initiated this process early in fall semester, will provide the opening remarks.


  1. Phase 1, Environment Scanning (autumn 2016)

    Identify the three critically relevant questions facing graduate education through a survey and facilitator-led focus groups

    Status: Complete

  2. Phase 2, The Campus-Wide Conversations (spring 2017)

    Future and vision each question through evidence-based, faculty-led conversations

    Status: Complete

  3. Phase 3, Synthesis (Late spring/early summer 2017)

    Identify internal challenges, align with university strategic plan, and produce document

    Status: Ongoing


Final Topics

  • Diversity and Inclusion
    The pressing need to diversify the composition of our graduate students and those who teach them.
  • Funding Environment
    The challenges of supporting graduate education in a fiscal environment with declining federal grant dollars and state subsidy.
  • Professional Development
    Are we best preparing our students for their academic and non-academic careers?

Original Topics

Professional Development, Diversity/Inclusion, Interdisciplinary Graduate Education, Modes of education delivery, Graduate Faculty Composition, Funding Environment, Globalization, Enrollment


Framing Committee Members
Cheryl Achterberg
College of Education and Human Ecology
Mike Boehm
Vice Provost for Academic and Strategic Planning
Janet Box-Steffensmeier
Divisional Dean
Social and Behavior Sciences
Pat Green
Associate Dean
College of Veterinary Medicine
Joanna Groden
Vice Dean
College of Medicine Administration
Scott Herness
Interim Vice Provost and Dean
Graduate School
Randy Moses
Associate Dean
College of Engineering
Carol Whitacre
Vice President
Office of Research
Susan Williams
Vice Dean
Arts & Sciences Administration
Phase 1 Working Group
Cynthia Carnes
Tamara Davis
Associate Professor
Social Work
Anita Hopper
Molecular Genetics
Rich Petty (chair)
Distinguished University Professor
Andrea Serrani
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Scott Herness
Interim Vice Provost and Dean
Graduate School
Roland Loup Deb Peluso
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