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Three Minute Thesis (3MT)

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The Ohio State University has for many years participated in an in-house 3MT competition, and finalists have competed at the regional (Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools [MAGS]) level and national levels (the Council of Graduate Schools [CGS]). The 3MT is an academic competition for doctoral and master’s students engaged in their OWN research, summarizing it to an educated layperson in 3 minutes or less, using pre-determined guidelines. A panel of judges scores each student to determine the top awardee.

Green arrow representing College Level Orange arrow representing University Level Blue arrow representing Regional Level Black arrow representing National Level


There are links to the instructions for students; 3MT Competitor Guide, which can be used at the college level, and the student is expected, if nominated, to compete at the university level. It also meets the guidelines for competing regionally and nationally. The rating rubrics Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition-Rubric were developed based on the criteria used regionally.


Upcoming Event


Three Minute Thesis Competition Event

10:00 am - 11:30 am

3MT Event and Registration Information

Participation Process

The process for recruiting 3MT participants from all colleges has been revised this year, giving more students an opportunity to compete, as well as to help cultivate these students’ research and presentation communication skills. It also serves as a way to enhance students’ ability to communicate their research to an audience that does not have expertise in the field. This skill set can be important when job interviewing, but also might lead to giving these students exposure as researchers and exposure of their research, both within and outside of the university. This kind of exposure can lead to potential collaborations, funding support and other opportunities.


We encourage all colleges to invite their graduate students that were winners (oral or poster session) of the 2022 Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum to participate in this year's 3MT college competition. In addition, we encourage colleges to also extend an invitation to master’s and doctoral students that are engaged in their own research, to participate in their college level 3MT competition


After each college has held its own 3MT College Competition and selects its college finalist. The college finalists will participate in a university wide 3MT in-person competition, hosted by the Graduate School on February 8th, 2023 from 10:00AM to 11:30AM in the Graduate School (University Hall, 2nd Floor) Conference Room 250Q. There will be light refreshments.

The 3MT Selection Committee will be at the event, and make their selection.

Register to attend the 2023 Graduate School Three Minute Thesis Competition Event 


The university-wide competition event is open to Deans, A-Deans, Grad Studies Chairs and the finalist’s advisors. Graduate faculty and graduate students are also welcome to support their students, as well as to learn more about the 3MT. Information about how to RSVP for this event will be posted and distributed closer to the event.


Advisors can support their students by helping them to prepare for the 3MT, listening to their presentation, assuring that all requirements are met, and providing feedback and support.


A 3MT selection committee will be part of this live event. Students will reviewed on presentation, following the 3 minute limit and single PowerPoint slide, as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. These award winners will be recognized at the Graduate School's Annual Award Ceremony in the spring and the finalist will represent The Ohio State University at the regional MAGS competition in the spring.


The audience (not including participants) will be able to vote for their favorite 3MT presentation. The People’s Choice will also be recognized at the Graduate School Annual Award Ceremony in the Spring term



1st Place (University Finalist) - Scholarship

People’s Choice - $500

2nd Place - $400

3rd Place - $300

4th to 8th Place - Ribbon notification

All others - Letter from the Dean


Three Minute Thesis Workshop

Graduate Students interested in participating in this years 3MT, and those hoping to participate in the near future are invited to register for the 2022 Three Minute Thesis Zoom workshop on October 11, 2022 1:30PM-2:30PM.