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About The Graduate School

The Graduate School provides strategic leadership for graduate education at The Ohio State University. It fosters quality by ensuring high standards for graduate programs and by providing essential services that support the work of graduate students, faculty, and staff.

Committed to Quality & Collaboration

Graduate education and a graduate school are at the core of major research universities like Ohio State.

Graduate education is carried out by graduate faculty working with graduate students at the program level. This requires a strong, mutally reinforcing partnership between the graduate programs and the Graduate School.


Diversity is critical to excellence.

The Graduate School is commited to effective recruitment, retention, and support for all graduate students. Inherent in that commitment is the belief that diversity is critical to excellence in graduate education and research.

The Graduate School promotes diversity in the community of graduate faculty and students and is an essential partner with the colleges and graduate programs in leveraging financial resources to recruit and support highly talented graduate students.