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Our Vision

The Graduate School aspires to be a national leader with robust and impactful advanced education programs to produce skilled, diverse graduates that will be successful, sought-after leaders in knowledge, innovation and creativity; as well as embody an awareness and engagement of individual and societal inclusion, to influence the world.

Our Mission

The Graduate School exists to provide a central resource to prepare and sustain graduate programs for excellence, ensure the integrity and quality of the graduate programs, share knowledge and best practices to support the advancement of graduate students and programs, nurture career development and a positive culture for the next generation of learned scholars, such that our alumni value their education, and appreciate the importance of their graduate colleagues and programs.

Our Mission Goals

  • Deliver an excellent comprehensive graduate course curriculum that educates students in broad and multidisciplinary areas and can be flexibly applied to reflect the desires of the new generation of students and the needs of our evolving world.
  • Maintain and develop high quality graduate programs to provide knowledge, innovation and creativity.
  • Partner with faculty, chairs, and coordinators to be proactive in normalizing academic freedom and corresponding responsibilities to best serve the graduate student and program.
  • Provide leadership in graduate education standards, strategies, valuation, and best practices.
  • Provide governance to ensure integrity, fairness and a base-level standard of consistency in the management of graduate students and programs.
  • Efficient administrative services and guidelines that facilitate the graduate student experience and program success in the recruitment, retention and graduation of the best and most diverse graduate students
  • Strong interaction of the Graduate School, Student Life, mental health and mentoring resources for professional career development and self-care that enhance experiences and expose the student to the social, network, culture, and broader practice norms and requirements associated with their selected discipline.
  • Deliver awards and scholarship programs to recognize, recruit and retain a diverse group of outstanding student scholars, programs, staff, and faculty graduate student mentors.
  • Support programs that will nurture students from intersectional, underserved backgrounds or with special circumstances that may require some flexibility for initial success.
  • Raise the visibility of the graduate school and serve as a conduit to agencies and organizations relevant to graduate students.
  • Create alumni that have had a positive graduate studies experience at Ohio State, would recommend our graduate program, and serve as advocates for the Graduate School.

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