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Postdoctoral Affairs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) was established in 2017 to enhance the postdoctoral experience for postdoctoral scholars across the university.


  • Provide research and professional development resources and opportunities
  • Collect and maintain data on the Ohio State University postdoctoral scholars population

Key Initiatives

Professional Development

Provide Ohio State postdocs with training opportunities and guidance that enable them to pursue successful and rewarding career paths.


Engage with the Ohio State community to initiate and implement policies and activities that support a highly productive and diverse postdoctoral community.

Enhancing Mentorship

Assist Ohio State faculty with developing highly productive and collaborative relationships with Ohio State postdoctoral scholars.


Assist and support Ohio State faculty, staff, departments and units with acquiring funding that supports Ohio State postdoctoral scholars.

Provide limited awards to Ohio State postdoctoral scholars.

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