Matching Tuition and Fee Submitters Screenshot Guide

This guide is designed to help submitters navigate the process associated with the Matching Tuition and Fee System hosted by the Graduate School. For additional questions about the Matching Tuition and Fee program contact the Graduate School's Fellowship Services.

Entering a New Pre-Approval Request

  1. Click “Create New Request”

    Image of Grad Fee Match tab; Heading: Graduate Matching Tuition and Fee Authorization System; “Pending Approval” button highlighted.


  2. Enter correct program name, title of project, and category, then click “Continue”.
    1. Program Name: The program name entered will correspond with approvers of the request, so be sure to enter accurately.
    2. Title: If re-entering an old pre-approval from the old MTFA system, please include the request ID number along with a descriptive title. Otherwise, a unique, descriptive title of the project is sufficient.
    3. Category:
      1. Matching Tuition and Fee Auth Program- most common
      2. Fee Match Cost Share- often specified by funding agency

        Screenshot of “Fee Match Award Request” page; “Continue” button highlighted.


  3. Enter the Principal Investigator or Advisor’s Name.# or EMPLID. Requester information will automatically populate from the submitter’s single-sign on. Program, title, and category will carry over from last page.

    Screenshot of “Request Summary” page; Principal Investigator or Advisor field highlighted


  4. Enter Sponsor  Funding Information.
    1. Name of Funding Agency
      1. Please use full name of the funding agency.
      2. e.g. National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, American Heart Association
    2. Grant/Funding Proposal Deadline
      1. Must be a future date.
    3. Monthly Student Stipend Funded by the Grant/Award

      Sponsor Funding Screenshot


  5. Enter Student Funding Information.
    1. Enter Number of Students to be supported by Request
    2. Percent Funding Requested
      1. Majority will be 100%; NIH is often 40%; MSTP 33.8%
    3. Requested Funding Years and Semesters
      1. Select each semester funding is being requested for by selecting the relevant academic year(s) and semester(s).
      2. You can select multiple academic years by changing the drop-down after one academic year is entered.

        Screenshot of Student Funding page


  6. Upload one PDF document containing the following components, in order:
    1. Letter of Support from Program
    2. Grant Submittal Budget(unless Fulbright)
    3. Grant Request for Proposal (RFP)
      1. Enter the location from the RFP in which it is stated that the grant does not cover tuition and fees.

        Screenshot of “Documents and Funding” section. “Location from RFP that states they do not cover tuition and fees” highlighted.


  7. If you would like to save the request to work on at a later date, click “SAVE”.If you would like to submit the request to initiate the approval workflow, click “SUBMIT”.

    Bottom of Pre-Approval Request page. “Save” and “Submit” buttons highlighted.


  8. View Submission Confirmation
    1. Click the checkbox to verify that the Graduate Studies Chair is accurate for your program.
    2. Note that the award request will expire one year from submission if no funding information is entered.
    3. Click Confirm and Submit.

      “Submission Confirmation” page. “Verify correct Grad Studies Chair” checkbox and “Confirm and Submit” button are highlighted.


  9. Confirm that the submission was entered by checking the “Pending Approval” status under “Award Requests” and check “Filter by your own award requests”.

    “Award Requests” Tab. Heading: Award Fee Match Requests. “Award Requests” tab, “Filter by your own award requests” checkbox, and relevant pre-approval request are highlighted.


Submitting Funding Verification

  1. Obtain Workday grant and award number from Principal Investigator. PI will have a “Principal Investigators Summary” icon on the Workday homepage.

    Workday landing page; “Principal Investigators Summary” application highlighted.


  2. Award and Grant numbers will be listed in Workday in the OSP Grant table in the Principal Investigators Summary application.
    1. Award number will start with AWD.
    2. Grant number will start with GR.

      Principal Investigators Summary page in Workday; “Award” and “Grant” columns of OSP Grants table highlighted.


  3. Log in to Grad Fee Match (
    1. Click “Pending Funding Information (Pre-Approved)”.

      Grad Fee Match tab; Heading: Graduate Matching Tuition and Fee Authorization System; “Pending Funding Information (Pre-Approved)” button highlighted.


  4. Click on the relevant award.

    Award Requests tab; Heading: Award Fee Match Requests; Award Title highlighted.


  5. Click the “Enter Funding Information” button.

    Award Requests tab; Heading: Award Request; “Enter Funding Information” button highlighted.


  6. Enter Grant and Award ID Numbers from Workday and press “Submit”.Funding verification is due within 12 months of submission of the initial pre-approval request.

    Award Funding Verification page; Heading: Award Title; “Grant and Award ID Numbers from Workday” fields and “Submit” button highlighted.


  7. Confirm entered grant and award numbers then click “Confirmand Submit”.

    Submission Confirmation page; Heading: Submission Confirmation; “Confirm and Submit” button highlighted.


  8. If the grant or award is not eligible for a Workday ID number, select “The grant or award is not eligible for a Workday ID number” and enter why the request is not eligible for a Workday Grant or Award number in the text box and press “Submit”.

    ward Funding Verification page; Heading: Award Title; “The grant or award is not eligible in Workday” field, “Reason” field, and “Submit” button highlighted.


  9. Confirm entered reason then click “Confirm and Submit”.

    Submission Confirmation page; Heading: Submission Confirmation; “Confirm and Submit” button highlighted.


  10. Once the Funding Verification has been submitted, this will go to the Graduate School for additional approval.
  11. Once Graduate School approval of Funding Verification is received, student-specific requests can begin being entered in the system.

Submitting Student-Specific Request

  1. Select “Active Awards” in upper menu.

    Graduate Matching Tuition and Fee Authorization page; “Active Awards” option in upper menu highlighted.


  2. Select relevant award to which you would like to add student requests. You can see how many semesters are available for the award in the far right column.

    Award Requests page; Heading: Award Fee Match Requests; Relevant award in list highlighted.


  3. Click “Add New Student”.

    Award Request page; Heading: Award Title; “Add New Student” button highlighted.


  4. Enter Student’s Name.# or EMPLID. System will display student name, academic plan(s), credit hours, and GPA.

    Add Student page; Heading: Add Student; “Name.# or EMPLID” field highlighted.


  5. Enter the student’s appointment type which will be connected to their appointment in Workday. The student’s appointment type is also connected to how many credit hours in which they must enroll, as well as which fees are covered. Additional details can be found on the Matching Tuition site.
    1. GRA-GS Match (Student will be on active GRA appointment)
    2. N/A- External Fellowship (Student will not be on active appointment)
    3. Grad Trainee(Student on Grad Trainee appointment- uncommon; only if grant/funding specifies)
    4. Graduate Fellow (Student on Graduate Fellow active appointment)

      Add Student page; Heading: Add Student; “Appointment Type” field highlighted.


  6. Select Semester(s) Requested. Semesters available are imported from the pre-approval request.
    1. If the pre-approval request contained more than three semesters, only the three upcoming semesters can be selected.
    2. Additional future semesters would need to be added to future student-specific requests. No more than three semesters can be selected on a single student-specific request.

      Add Student page; Heading: Add Student; “Semester(s) Requested” field highlighted.


  7. Click “Add Student”. This will submit the student-specific request to the Graduate School for review.

    Add Student page; Heading: Add Student; “Add Student” button highlighted.


  8. After clicking “Add Student”, you will be brought to the “Students” page where you can see all students connected to the award and the status of the semester-specific requests. Confirm that the student you just entered is showing on the list.

    Student Screenshot


  9. If the Graduate School approves the student-specific request, “Approved” will show on the student’s row underneath the approved semester. Once approved, the request cannot be modified.

    Students page; Heading: Students. “Approved” under “2022 Autumn Semester” is highlighted.


  10. If you would like to cancel/withdraw the student-specific request while it is still ‘Pending’, you can click ‘Pending’ under the semester for which you would like to cancel and withdraw the request.

    Students page; Heading: Students. “Pending” under “2022 Spring Semester” is highlighted.
    Student Fee Match Request page; Heading: Student Fee Match Request. “Withdraw” is highlighted.



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