GRADFORMS: How to Dual Degree

A dual degree program is defined as a graduate student pursuing any two graduate degrees concurrently, with the exception of two Ph.D. programs. The dual program does not apply to students pursuing a master’s and a Ph.D. in the same graduate program. Students cannot pursue two Ph.D. programs concurrently.

Dual Degree Criteria

To be admitted as a graduate student in a dual degree program, the applicant must submit documentation that satisfies the credit hour requirements for each master’s degree program. A minimum of 50 percent of the hours counted toward the credit hour requirement for each degree must be unique to that degree and cannot be used for dual credit. The graduate studies committee may establish a minimum higher than 50 percent.

Students with a previous master’s degree that is being counted for 30 hours toward the Ph.D. cannot utilize any dual credits between another master’s and the Ph.D. In this case the dual degree program plan form will be submitted by the student to reflect the appropriate number of credits needed for the completion of each degree, but there can be no overlap of credits between the two programs. The dual credit section of the dual degree program plan form will be blank.

Typically, students will complete a separate master's examination for each degree program. However, if the following conditions are satisfied, a student pursuing two thesis option master's degree programs may be required to complete only one master's examination and one thesis:

  1. The graduate studies committee in each graduate program must approve.
  2. The master's examination committee must be composed of a minimum of four graduate faculty members, with at least two from each graduate program.
  3. A faculty member from each graduate program must serve as a co-advisor of the thesis.
  4. The result of the master's examination must be unanimously affirmative in order for the student to earn each degree.
  5. In the event of the student's failure, the master's examination committee will decide if a second examination for two degrees with one thesis is possible.
  6. If the committee decides against allowing a second examination for two degrees with one thesis, then one of the graduate studies committees may allow a second examination in order for the student to earn one master's degree.

Dual Degree Process

  1. Student initiates and submits the form online via
  2. All approvers approve/deny form
  3. Graduate School approves the form
  4. Graduate School completes the form

Student Actions

Step 1: Students will need to log into and choose Enrollment Forms.

  • Graduation and Examination Forms include the following forms:
    • Application for Candidacy Exam, Application for Final Examination, Application to Graduate, Application for Professional Examination, Committee and Examination Petition, Delay of Final Document, Minors& Interdisciplinary Specializations, Report on Candidacy, Report on Final Document, Report on Final Examination, Report on Professional Exam, and Report on Transcript Designation
  • Enrollment Forms include the following forms:
    • Combined Degree Program, Dual Degree Program, Late Course Petition, Transfer of Graduate Credit, and Transfer of Graduate Program

Step 2: After the student has selected "View Enrollment Forms" a list of all available enrollment forms will populate.

Step 3: Student will choose the "+ Create New Dual Degree Program Form" button from the list of all available enrollment forms.

Step 4: The student will then fill in their programs and course list information

**Note: A minimum of 50 percent of the hours counted toward the credit hour requirement for each degree must be unique to that degree and cannot be used for dual credit.

Step 5: After the student selects "Save and Continue" they will need to review their application. If it is ready to submit the student will choose "Submit Request". If the student needs to make adjustments to their online application they should hit the "Edit" button.

**Once the student submits their form they are no longer able to edit the program/course information. If a student needs to edit their form please leave a comment on their application. Comments are viewable to both students and staff/faculty.**

Program Action

Step 6: Some staff will have two tasks bars, unclaimed tasks and claimed (Involves forms where Graduate Chairs and Coordinators have approval access). If the form is new and unclaimed the

approver should select "Claim". If one approver claims the form but another person in the same area has the ability to approve the form, the person who did not claim the form will no longer be able to see it on GradForms. The approver who did not claim the form may use the Search Forms function and view the history to see the approve/deny history. 

**Note: This step may not be required by all members who use GradForms.

Step 7: The approver will need to select the "View"  button. If the approver chooses to "Revoke" the form it will go back to an unclaimed status and will need to be claimed again.

Step 8: The Dual Degree Form requires one approval from each program the student has listed on their application. After both programs have approved/denied the form it will come to the Graduate School for final approval and completion.


Graduate School Actions

Step 9: After all approvers have approved/denied the Dual Degree Form it will populate on the Graduate School’s task list. If the application is approved the Graduate School will choose the Approve button. The student will receive an email after their form has been approved.

Step 10: After the Graduate School has posted an approval status we will update the student’s record in SIS. Once the new program information is posted to the student’s account we will also Complete the form on GradForms.

Additional GRADFORM Features

Search Forms: The Search Forms tab allows programs to filter through their student forms. Approvers have the ability to search by student information, academic plan, approval status, and form type. All fields do not need to be filled in order to search on GradForms.

Download Excel Spreadsheet: After searching for forms you will have the option to download an Excel spreadsheet of your students and their forms. To download a spreadsheet click on the Actions button and choose Download Excel.



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