GRADFORMS How to Transfer of Graduate Credit

Graduate students have the ability to transfer credit earned at another institution provided that they attended as a graduate student and the courses completed were at the graduate level.

There are two common scenarios in which transfer credit could be awarded: incoming Ph.D. students who are transferring their master’s degree (30 hours) and master’s students who have completed work at another institution either prior to, or during their program.


  • Doctoral students can only transfer in one master’s degree.
  • If doctoral students have additional credit hours beyond 30 to transfer, those credit hours must be at the doctoral level and the student must demonstrate that they attended a Ph. D. program at that institution.
  • Ph. D students must complete (at least) 24 credit hours at Ohio State.
  • Masters students must complete 80 percent of the degree requirements over at least two semesters.


  1. Student initiates and submits the form online via
  2. All approvers approve/deny form
  3. Graduate School approves/denies form
  4. Graduate School completes the form

Student Actions

Step 1: Student logs into (must be an active student) and selects “View Enrollment Forms

Step 2: Student selects “Create New Transfer of Graduate Credit Form.”

Step 3: Student will need to select their current program and the type of credit (e.g., outside institution, or graduate non-degree).

Step 4: If the student selects Graduate non-degree, Ohio State University will automatically populate in the institution field. Please note that there is not a “hard stop” for the credit hour field that limits students to ten credit hours when they select graduate-non-degree credit.

Step 5: If the student completed a master’s degree at another university, they can type in the name of the university and indicate “all courses” and list the number of credit hours (30) and select the “add” button.

Step 6: The advisor field is optional. If the student is assigned a faculty advisor, they can input the name.#. If an advisor is selected, they will be included as an approver.

Step 7: After submitting all of the necessary information, the student will select "Save and Continue".

Step 8: The student has the option to review their request prior to submitting. They have the option to edit if there are errors. If there no errors, they will select “submit request.”

Step 9: The Student will receive notification that their form has been submitted

Program Actions

Step 10: Form is sent to the graduate coordinator/chair and appears under the “Unassigned Tasks” at which point it will need to be claimed.

Step 11: Once the form is claimed, the coordinator/chair can indicate whether or not the student’s master’s degree will count as a block of 30 credit hours and confirm that the transcripts are available in EDWARD.

Step 12: If the student includes an advisor, the advisor will only be able to either approve, or deny the form. They do not have the two checkboxes as the coordinator/chair.

Graduate School Action

Step 13: Once all of the approvers have posted a decision, the form will appear in the Graduate School’s queue. At this point we will have the option to approve, deny, or cancel the form. The student will receive an email after their form has been approved.

Step 14: Once the credit has been posted to the student’s record, we complete the form. As with all forms, the history of the approvers’ actions can be viewed in the history tab.



Search Forms: The Search Forms tab allows programs to filter through their student forms. Approvers have the ability to search by student information, academic plan, approval status, and form type. All fields do not need to be filled in order to search on GradForms.

Download Excel Spreadsheet: After searching for forms you will have the option to download an Excel spreadsheet of your students and their forms. To download a spreadsheet click on the Actions button and choose Download Excel.




Alternatively, you can reach out to:

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