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J. Parker and Kathryn Webb Dinius Fellowship


Generous donors established the J. Parker and Kathryn Webb Dinius Fellowship Fund to support students who plan to pursue or who are pursuing a graduate or professional degree at Ohio State.

Preference is given to students who earned an undergraduate varsity letter, with priority given to football players, at Ohio State.


Students pursuing study in post-baccalaureate degree programs in the Graduate School or the colleges of Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine are eligible for consideration. Incoming graduate and professional students must meet the minimum undergraduate GPA and minimum test scores(s) established by their prospective graduate/professional degree program. Current graduate and professional students must meet and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0, maintain appropriate academic progress, and remain in good standing in the Graduate School or appropriate professional program.

Selection Process

Contact Fellowship Services to request a J. Parker and Kathryn Webb Dinius Fellowship application form. Complete the form and return it to Fellowship Services. Applications must have the endorsement of the Graduate Studies Chair of the student’s prospective/current degree program or Dean of the student’s prospective/current professional degree program, or both, whichever is appropriate. If the applicant earned a varsity letter at Ohio State, the application must be endorsed by the Ohio State athletic director.

Application deadline: April 6

Awards are announced in mid-May.

General Requirements: Fellowships

The Graduate School reserves the right to terminate fellowship support before the end of the award period if conditions of the fellowship are not maintained. Any exceptions to the following requirements must be requested in writing by the Graduate Studies Chair of the fellow’s graduate program to the Graduate School.

  • Fellowship students must be in attendance on the Columbus campus and be pursuing a graduate degree in the program specified in the fellowship award letter from the Dean of the Graduate School. Exceptions to the residency requirement might include language study or research at another institution; however, fellows must continue to enroll at Ohio State and be in attendance when classes are in session.
  • Pre-candidacy doctoral fellows must register for a minimum of 12 graduate credit hours during autumn and spring semesters and 6 credit hours during the summer term. Post-candidacy fellows must enroll for a minimum of 3 credit hours each semester, including summer. Fellows must maintain good academic standing in the Graduate School and make reasonable progress toward the graduate degree.
  • Fellows are expected to abide by the professional codes of ethics and responsibilities of the university and those commonly accepted in the fellow’s field of study. These codes include but are not limited to the Graduate Student Code of Research and Scholarly Conduct and the Code of Student Conduct.
  • Fellows are expected to devote full-time effort to their academic studies. Fellows may not hold other types of employment/appointments/awards, such as graduate associateships, fellowships, or traineeships.
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