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2021-2022 Graduate Associate Leadership Award Recipients

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021-2022 Graduate Associate Leadership Award. 

Logo featuring Graduate Associate Leadership Award

The Graduate Associate Leadership Award (GALA) is Ohio State’s recognition of the exceptional leadership provided by graduate students as leaders (on and off campus) while being an OSU graduate (master’s or doctoral) student.

Please join us in congratulating the outstanding achievements of this year's recipients and the programs that support them.

2021-2022 Graduate Associate Leadership Award Recipients:

Ellia Hyeseung La, Ph.D. Candidate 
Department of Food Science & Technology
Graduate Minor | Rural Sociology (SENR) 
The Giusti Phytochemicals Laboratory

Adrian Pekarcik, Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Entomology
CFAES - Wooster Campus

Shridhar Sanghvi, Ph.D. Candidate (GRA),
Dept. of Physiology and Cell Biology/ MCDB Graduate Program
Singh Lab

For more information on the Graduate Associate Leadership Award and the nomination process, click here.