Graduate Associate Leadership Award Nomination Deadline Nov. 13th

Each year the Graduate School recognizes the outstanding leadership of graduate associates through the Graduate Associate Leadership Award (GALA).  Read more about the award, nomination eligibility and selection criteria on the GALA page.

More information about GALA

Recipients will be selected and awarded $1000 each. Students (master’s or doctoral level) must be nominated by a graduate faculty member to be eligible for this award. Any Ohio State graduate student who is identified as active/enrolled may be nominated.

OSU graduate student nominees are notified by the Graduate School. Those who wish to compete must prepare a GALA application form for review by the GALA selection committee.

The selection committee for this 4th round of the GALA is comprised of three representatives of the Graduate School Leadership Team. The committee reviews all submissions and selects up to 5 GALA winners.

Eligible Nominees

  • Must have been nominated by an Ohio State graduate faculty member.
  • Must be a current graduate (master’s or doctoral) student when nominated and when the award is granted.
  • Can be from any graduate program or department at OSU.
  • Must be in good academic standing (the Graduate School requires a minimum GPA of 3.0) at the time of nomination and when receiving the award.
  • IMPORTANT: GALA award winners will not be eligible for future GALA awards.

The nomination materials link below requires login using your university email credentials.

One Drive Link to Nomination Materials