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Autumn 2019 Presidential Fellows

The Graduate School is happy to announce that the autumn 2019 Presidential Fellows have been chosen. The Presidential Fellowship is the most prestigious award given by the Graduate School to recognize the outstanding scholarly accomplishments and potential of graduate students entering the final phase of their dissertation research or terminal degree project.

Autumn 2019 Presidential Fellows

Molly Baumann, Biomedical Engineering
Ablative Lasers for Burn Scar Remodeling
Heather Powell, Advisor

Wen Cai, Mechanical Engineering
Investigations on Nonlinear Energy Harvesters in Complex Vibration Environments for Robust Direct Current Power Delivery
Ryan Harne, Advisor

Ashlee Dauphinais, Spanish and Portuguese
Linguistic and Social Practices among Women with Turner Syndrome in Brazil
Anna Babel, Advisor

Scott Duxbury, Sociology
Public Opinion and the Growth of Racial Inequality in Mass Incarceration
Dana Haynie, Advisor

Mael Glon, Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology
Devil in the Details: Systematic Revision of the Devil Crayfish Lacunicambarus Diogenes Species Complex
Marymegan Daly, Advisor

Roberto Hernandez Palomares, Mathematics
Quantum Symmetries and Tensor Categories
David Penneys, Advisor

Ram Bahadur Khadka, Plant Pathology
Environmentally Friendly Soilborne Disease and Weed Management in Vegetable Crops
Sally Miller, Advisor

Juliana Laszakovits, Civil Engineering
Relating Natural Organic Matter Changes During Drinking Water Treatment to Disinfection Byproduct Formation
Allison MacKay, Advisor

Aidan Lee, Physics
Stabilizing and Detecting Skyrmions at Room Temperature in Heavy-Metal/Ferrimagnetic Thin Films
Fengyuan Yang, Advisor

Zhiying Li, Atmospheric Sciences
Relative Importance of Drivers of River Discharge across the United States
Steven Quiring, Advisor

Brandon Neel, Biochemistry
Exploring Gating Mechanisms of an Invertebrate Mechanosensitive Channel
Marcos Sotomayor, Advisor

Mackie O'Hara, Anthropology
Functional Implications and Developmental Correlates of Enamel Thickness in Hominins and Non Human Primates with an Emphasis on Homo Naledi
Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg, Advisor

Mahesh Parsutkar, Chemistry
Feedstock Materials to Value-Added Products via Enantioselective Cobalt Catalysis
T.V. RajanBabu, Advisor

Justin Seffernick, Chemistry
Translating Data from Surface-Induced Dissociation Mass Spectrometry and Cryo-Electron Microscopy into AccurateStructures of Protein Complexes
Steffen Lindert, Advisor

Md Shahadat Hasan Sohel, Electrical and Computer Engineering
High Linearity Power Amplifiers for Next Generation Communication Systems
Siddharth Rajan, Advisor

Jiayi Sun, Astronomy
Molecular Clouds and Galaxies
Adam Leroy, Advisor

Katherine Turo, Entomology
Urban Vacant Land as a Conservation Resource for Native Bees and Wasps
Mary Gardiner, Advisor

Nikhita Vedula, Computer Science and Engineering
Structuring Online Knowledge for Latent Pragmatics
Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Advisor