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COVID-19 Updates for Graduate Students and Faculty

COVID-19 Updates for Graduate Students and Faculty

As students are experiencing disruptions caused by COVID-19 pandemic, the Graduate School is taking steps to be flexible to students’ circumstances while maintaining program integrity and ensuring mastery of the material to exceed minimum expectations for graduation education.

For general updates concerning at The Ohio State University due to COVID-19 please visit the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website.

Over the past several weeks updates to operations and policies that apply to graduate education have made. Below are the updates that have been made in order of their date of release with oldest to most recent. 

Visit the Graduate School Graduation Calendar for important deadline updates.

Visit the Graduate and Professional Admissions' response to COVID-19 FAQ page for questions regarding admissions.

The Office of Academic Affairs has also published a COVID-19 academic decisions website which contains resources, dates, and updated policies.

3/14/2021 - Physically Distanced but Socially Connected - Dean's Message 

01/07/2021 - Updated for Spring 2021: Pre-Candidacy Leave of Absence Form

01/07/2021 - Post-Candidacy Spring 2021 Leave of Absence Form

12/21/2020 - Message for Continuing International Graduate Students 

11/6/2020 - UPDATED: Implementation Plan for Grad. Academic Accommodation Options for Autumn 2020 Semester

10/28/2020 - Second Round Extension of Graduate School Matching Tuition and Fee Authorization Program

10/7/2020 - Implementation Plan for Grad. Academic Accommodation Options for Autumn 2020 Semester

8/25/2020 -  Post-Candidacy Autumn 2020 Leave of Absence Form  

8/25/2020 -  Pre-Candidacy Leave of Absence Form

8/17/2020 -  Message Concerning Fee Payments for New International GAs Not in the US     

8/16/2020 - Message Regarding Conditions for International Graduate Student Payments

8/7/2020 - Response Supporting OSU Graduate Students 

7/9/2020 - Academic Year 2021, Autumn 2020 - Spring 2021 Student Fee and Tuition Tables

7/2/2020 - Message on Library Services Phased Return from Dean Jaggars

6/25/2020  - COVID-19 Delayed Graduation Matching Tuition and Fee Authorization Program Announcement

5/5/2020 - Campus Visit and Support Resources for Class of Fall 2020 Graduate Students

4/30/2020 - Temporary Amendment to Graduate English Proficiency Testing to Allow Duo Lingo

4/15/2020 - Spring 2020 Extensions Regarding Exams Incompletes and Other Deadlines​ 

4/17/20 - A Message of Wellness from Dean Bertone and Dean Melnyk

4/13/2020 - Notice on Implementation of Graduate Student Pass/No Pass Process

4/13/2020 - Spring 2020 Graduation Regalia Message from Barnes and Noble

4/10/2020 - Clarification Statement on Hiring Pause for Graduate Council

4/10/2020 - Extended Opportunity Graduate School Pass/No Pass Policy -Instructor Information 

4/2/2020 - Graduate School Pass/No Pass Policy for Spring 2020

4/2/2020 - Gradual School Discussion Guidance for Pass/No Pass Policy

4/1/2020 - Spring Term 2020 Graduate School Deadline Extensions

3/18/2020 - Statement of Graduate School Services moving to Electronic Services Only

Due to these unprecedented times, the Graduate School will now provide its services electronically. In order to best support you, please contact us for the following:

General Phone Inquiries – (614) 292-6031
Registration Services (e.g., enrollment, credit, GA appointments, etc.) –
Graduation Services (e.g., examinations, format review, etc.) –