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The Dan David Prize - 2021 Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Scholarships


is an international prize which annually awards three prizes of US$ 1 million each for achievements having an outstanding scientific, technological, cultural or social impact on our world. Each year fields are chosen within the three Time Dimensions - Past, Present and Future.

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The Past refers to fields that expand knowledge of former times. For 2021 the field of study is History fo Health and Public Medicine.
The Present recognizes achievements that shape and enrich society today. For 2021 the field of study is Public Health.
The Future focuses on breakthroughs that hold great promise for improvement of our world. For 2021 the field of study is Molecular Medicine


The Dan David Prize awards scholarships to doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, carrying out research in one of the selected fields for the coming academic year, beginning in Fall 2021. Registered doctoral and post-doctoral researchers who study at recognized universities throughout the world, and whose research has been approved, are eligible to apply.
The Dan David Prize laureates annually donate twenty scholarships of US$15,000 each to outstanding doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers of exceptional promise in the selected fields for the coming academic year, beginning in Fall 2021. Ten scholarships are awarded to students at universities throughout the world and ten scholarships to students at Tel Aviv University.
The Dan David Prize scholarships are granted according to merit, without discrimination based on gender, race, religion, nationality or political affiliation.
In order to ensure that your research is relevant to one of this year's chosen fields, please read the field descriptions on our website before filling out the form.
Applicants holding a tenure or tenure-track faculty position are not eligible 
Applicants who have received a scholarship from the Dan David Prize may not apply again for their same area of research.  

Scholarship Applications Deadline: March 10, 2021

The application process, including the uploading of required documents, must be completed online only via the Dan David Prize website.
The requested application form and all documentation must be completed in English only.
For inquiries, please contact, tel: +972-3-6406614

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