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Dean Stromberger visits the Graduate and Professional Student Picnic

Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost of Graduate Education, Mary Stomberger, joined graduate and professional students in celebrating the start of the 2022 autumn term at the Graduate and Professional Student Picnic on Friday, August 26th.

Three photos of the Grad Student Picnic featuring Dean Stromberger and Assistant Dean Page.

Dean Mary Stromberger and Assistant Dean Matt Page welcoming students to the Graduate and Professional Student Picnic.

At the beginning of every school year at Ohio State, the Graduate School and the Office of Student Life, collaborate to host the annual Graduate and Professional Student Picnic. This event is a chance for graduate and professional students to come together as a group, enjoy some refreshments, and have a relaxing start to the term. Dean Stromberger is also new to Ohio State and new to the annual student picnic as she began her appointment as Vice Provost of Graduate Education on August 1st, 2022. The graduate student picnic brings together hundreds of graduate and professional students from all across campus every year and this year was no different. The Graduate School regularly partners with the Office of Student Life and the Council of Graduate Students to celebrate Ohio States graduate community through such events. Look for future events for graduate students on the Graduate School website, through the Office of Student Life and by visiting the Council of Graduate Students website