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Financial Wellness

As we start a new academic year, I'd like to alert new graduate students to (and remind returning students of) the financial wellness resources available through Scarlet and Gray Financial (SGF).

Paying for a graduate education can be complex. Whether you choose to take out loans for a graduate degree, receive a GA or fellowship, or have loans from your undergraduate degree, the financial ramifications of pursuing a graduate degree can be significant.

Scarlet and Gray Financial is a nationally recognized peer financial coaching program that can help graduate students achieve financial wellness. SGF offers one-on-one financial appointments, presentations, and online modules—all free and with options intentionally created for graduate and professional students.

This month’s featured online resource is “Are you Eligible for Deferment on Your Federal Student Loans?”

Still have questions? Contact Scarlet and Gray Financial or see them in the Student Wellness Center in the RPAC.