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GRADFORMS Update: Maintenance Screens

GRADFORMS Update: Maintenance Screens

New GRADFORMS updates allow programs to manage their lists of contacts and grad faculty.

Graduation Services at the Graduate School has worked closely with the OCIO to implement a new feature in GRADFORMS: maintenance screens.

These screens serve two important functions.

  1. The contacts maintenance section allows programs to maintain the list of important contacts in their program, and
  2. The faculty maintenance section provide an up-to-date list of graduate faculty in their program

The information on these screens is foundational to GRADFORMS workflows; incorrect contact or faculty information leads to forms being forwarded to incorrect people.

The contact maintenance section lists the main contacts, or affiliations, for your program. This includes department chair, graduate studies chair, and program coordinators (referred to as Grad Contact).  This section replicates the paper version of this information that the Graduate School has maintained internally for years. Now, the new system allows program contacts to monitor and submit requests for changes to the respective program affiliations through Grad Forms. This streamlines the communication of this information and keeps the list as up to date as possible. As well, the affiliations are designated by graduate program and degree, so programs can now designate a separate contact for their PhD and master’s program.

The faculty maintenance section reflects the status of Graduate Faculty members in a specific program. The list shows both active and inactive faculty. Program contacts can indicate when a faculty member’s status becomes inactive. An enhancement to the list is that faculty are identified by their graduate faculty standing as current, emeritus, or continuous.  You can also download a list of the faculty. Keep in mind that to nominate someone to the graduate faculty you will still use the Graduate Faculty Form on GRADFORMS.

Please review the contact information for your program, and if changes are needed either click on the pencil icon on the right side of the page to make edits to existing information, or click the Add button toward the bottom of the page to add someone to a particular role. The Graduate School will review these requests and act on them usually within 2-3 working days.