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Graduate Associate Leadership Award

The Graduate Associate Leadership Award (GALA) is a new award developed with the understanding that graduate students, when seeking employment, often are asked about their leadership skills and previous experiences.We want to support and encourage graduate students to engage in these activities. The GALA gives a $500 stipend to the award winners. We decide that Chairs and Associate Deans should identify if any of their students have been in a leadership position, such as serving on a committee, or taking on other leadership responsibilities in one of these offices to be eligible for the award:

  • Economic and Cooperative Engagement 
  • Government Affairs 
  • Outreach and Engagement / Regional Campus 
  • Alumni 
  • Library  

If you have a student that had or is presently serving in a leadership role at one of these offices listed above, please nominate the student for the award. You can send the nomination to the office that the student served in a leadership role and have them make the nomination to the Graduate School, or make the nomination to the Graduate School yourself, but cc the office that the student was serving in a leadership capacity, so that they can support the nomination.

We hope that the nominations can be made by January 31st, if you want to send them to the Graduate School, please send them directly to Karin Jordan, Assistant Dean of Graduate Development and Engagement at

  • Graduate Student Name
  • Graduate Student E-mail address (Ohio State)
  • OSU ID
  • Graduate Program
  • Degree sought (MA/MS or PhD) 

If you have questions, please also contact Karin Jordan. FYI, we hope to surprise the GALA winners, just like the Graduate Associate Teaching Award (GATA) winners are surprised each year.