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Minimum Stipend Increase for Graduate Associates

The minimum stipend for students on appointment as graduate associates has been increased to $15,000 for nine-month, 50 percent appointments beginning fall semester 2016. We are finalizing details about how this process will unfold and will communicate that information to the graduate programs as soon as possible.

In the fall, the Graduate School will be involved in developing guiding principles for graduate student compensation and benefits. This work will help determine how stipends are set and how minimum stipend levels are more routinely adjusted. Graduate students will be among the participants in this effort.

The stipend increase was recommended by the University Graduate Compensation and Benefits Committee (GCBC) and was uniformly supported by the Council of Deans, which includes the Graduate School. I want to thank the members of GCBC and especially its chair, David Bowers, for their detailed work and advocacy on the minimum stipend. David also serves as president of the Council of Graduate Students, and I am eager to continue working with David and the graduate community at Ohio State on issues that have an impact on graduate students.

-- Scott Herness, Interim Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Interim Dean of the Graduate School

Updated July 15, 2016