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New GRA-GS Match Instructions

Students receiving a stipend from a research award or grant that requires they be appointed as a Graduate Research Associate and who are also receiving a Graduate School Matching Tuition and Fee Award must be appointed using the Graduate Research Associate-GS Match job code (#4895).

In the past, the Graduate School had one position number for making these appointments. Using one position number has created some unintended consequences and we have updated our instructions.

Appointing units are now required to create their own GRA-GS Match position numbers.

Work with your HRP and/or HR Service Center to begin to create new position numbers for those appointments and transfer the students onto those positions effective immediately. All students should be moved off of the Graduate School GRA-GS Match position by December 1, 2017.

Updated GRA-GS Instructions

Contact: Theresa Hazelwood or Lori Bowman