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News from the Graduate School, June 27, 2017

News from the Graduate School, June 27, 2017

SROP Students Give Back

Scott Herness
Interim Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and
Interim Dean of the Graduate School

On June 2, the 38 students in our Summer Research Opportunities Program helped sort and prepare over 2700 pounds of food for 1755 needy families. Westerville Area Resource Ministry hosted this year’s annual day of service, and the students helped WARM fulfill its mission of “Restoring Dignity and Hope by Offering a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out.”

I am always impressed by the brain power and work ethic demonstrated by the SROP students during their research experience at Ohio State. I am equally impressed by the care and concern they bring to their annual day of service. They are a credit to the Graduate School and Ohio State.


Committee Approval of Master’s and Doctoral Examination Report Forms—July 14

Final Approved Theses/Dissertations—July 21

Student-specific requests for matching tuition (more)—August 1

Commencement—August 6

see full graduation calendar


Grant Writing: An Introduction (register)—June 29

AGPA Conference (info)—July 11

New Graduate Student Welcome event—August 20

see full event calendar

Ann Salimbene to retire Sept. 30

Assistant Dean Ann Salimbene has announced her plan to retire at the end of September. She has been an assistant dean in the Graduate School since 2006. We will celebrate Ann’s contributions more publicly in September, but in the meantime, share your best wishes with her for this next adventure.

Contact: Ann Salimbene

Graduate Student Appointments Impact on Financial Aid

In accordance with federal guidelines, graduate fellowship stipends and tuition/fee authorizations must be counted as financial aid resources toward students’ annual cost of attendance. As financial aid resources get closer to meeting the cost of attendance, eligibility for federal loans decreases. Therefore, most graduate fellows are not eligible to borrow loans.

Graduate Associates (GAs) may be eligible to borrow loans since only the tuition/fee authorization portion of their appointment is counted toward the annual cost of attendance; the stipend is not counted as financial aid. In this instance, GAs are considered employees and are working in exchange for their stipend whereas fellows are not working and instead are getting their stipend as a scholarship.

Please be aware that as graduate students transition from fellowship to GA appointments, or vice versa, their eligibility to borrow loans may be impacted. Questions regarding financial aid should be directed to Buckeye Link at 614-292-0300.

AGPA Conference

Creating Pathways: Building Community and Engagement in Graduate and Professional Higher Education

July 11
Ohio Union
The Association of Graduate and Professional Administrators at Ohio State (AGPA) is holding its 2017 professional development conference on July 11. The all-day conference will include keynote speakers, a panel discussion, breakout sessions and presentations centered around the theme Creating Pathways: Building Community and Engagement in Graduate and Professional Higher Education Affairs. Registration is $30.


GIS for the Rest of Us Workshop

Research Commons Workshop

July 28
Research Commons, 18th Avenue Library

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have revolutionized our ability to visualize and display information connected to locations.ave revolutionized our ability to visualize and display information connected to locations. A team of instructors will showcase examples of how GIS can be used for research and education and provide an overview of Google and Esri platforms.


The Research Commons.s a space where researchers can connect with each other and with services that support and enable their work. They offer group study room rentals, research consultations, and more.

Registration and Fee Deadlines Calendar

Graduate School Website

Starting in summer 2017, the Graduate School no longer posts registration and fee deadlines on its website. Those deadlines are posted by the Registrar on its website.

Dates related to graduation—applications to graduate, end-of-semesters deadlines, etc.—and Graduate School events will continue to be posted on the Graduate School website.

Contact: Samuel Jordan, Director, Registration Services

Reminders: GA Minimum Stipend and Merit-Based Compensation

  • The minimum stipend for students on appointment as graduate associates will be $15,750 for nine-month, 50 percent GA appointments ($1,750/month) beginning fall semester. This increase was announced to the graduate community on March 24.
  • All graduate associates returning to equivalent appointments should receive merit-based compensation increases consistent with the guidelines used for faculty and staff.

Contact: Lori Bowman, HR/Finance Manager

Graduate School Participation in Enterprise Project

Ohio State has begun working on the initial stages of a five-year, university-wide project that will replace multiple student information, finance, and human resources systems with a single system (Workday). The Enterprise Project will transform business processes and implement a system that will make administrative operations more consistent, mobile friendly, and mission focused.

The Graduate School is devoting considerable resources to ensure that the needs of graduate programs, students, faculty, and staff are represented in the Enterprise Project. The following members of the Graduate School are taking part:

  • Lori Bowman, HR/Finance Manager
  • Natasha Faze, Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Theresa Hazelwood, Director, Fellowship Services
  • Samuel Jordan, Director, Registration Services
  • Brian Mowery, Systems Manager
  • Rosemarie Thornton, Fiscal Officer
  • Kathleen Wallace, Assistant Dean
  • Tim Watson, Director, Graduation Services

We will provide regular updates as they become available. More about the Enterprise Project

Contact: Lori Bowman, HR/Finance Manager

Welcome Event Changed to Sunday, Aug. 20

The Graduate School's new student welcome event will be held on Sunday, August 20, 4-7 p.m. This is a change from previous years. The event has previously been held on the Monday before the start of classes. The change affords more flexibility to graduate programs that would like to schedule events on Monday. More details will be provided as they become available.

Contact: Samuel Jordan, Director, Registration Services

Assessment Results Due July 1

We would like to thank graduate programs for entering their assessment plans into TracDat. Now is the time to put those plans into action. Please enter "Results, Dissemination, and Interpretation" and "Use and Action" for this academic year into TracDat by July 1, 2017.

Please report on each outcome. If there is not enough data or an outcome has not been measured yet, simply report that in the results.

Contact: Amy Ferketich.r Tom Mitchell, Faculty Fellows.

Reminder: Video Conferencing Policy Changes

Graduate School Handbook, Appendix B

To make remote participation easier, the Graduate School and the Graduate Council have approved changes to the Guidelines for Video Conferencing Relating to Master's and Doctoral Examinations. Please review for details.

Contact: Tim Watson, Director, Graduation Services