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Second Round Extension of Graduate School Matching Tuition and Fee Authorization Program

The Graduate School has allocated a second round extension of the Graduate Student Matching Tuition and Fee Authorizations affective immediately, specifically for students whose degree is delayed due to COVID 19.

This is a graduate student-initiated process and requires the student to complete an Application to Graduate Form (on Grad Forms) for the extended semester and request the award via the MTFA Form in the semester directly preceding the extended semester. This MTFA Extension of Degree due to COVID 19 program runs from July 7th (start of last four week summer session) 2020 to December 3rd (end of autumn semester) 2021 only. Any unused MTFAs will be retained by the Graduate School. The Graduate Studies Committee is asked to verify the request is due to COVID 19. The college can determine their selection process, including priorities, and submit the graduate student names to the Graduate School on a rolling, first-come first-serve basis, to support the students with most imminent need. The Graduate School will verify that the student is in good standing and process the award. It is requested that the college provide a matching stipend for the extended semester. All Graduate School policies apply.

Questions regarding this program should be directed to

The Graduate School remains committed to supporting our students and programs through these difficult times.

Matching Tuition and Fee Authorization (MTFA) Program Form