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Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) for the Professoriate

The Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program was designed and hosted by the Graduate School several years ago.

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In light of COVID-19 and physical distancing, as well as courses being taught remotely, the PFF program has been revised to meet student needs during the pandemic, and to better meet today’s doctoral students’ needs in pursuing the professoriate.

After careful evaluation the program was revised to meet doctoral students’ developmental needs by offering: (a) a College/University Site Visit, (b) a College/University Practicum, (c) a College/University Internship,
(d) College/University Job Search Strategies and (e) a College/University Boot Camp. The goal of graduate students’ participation in the PFF program is to be:

  • more aware of faculty career opportunities
  • more understanding of how their skill set applies to faculty appointments
  • able to identify career goals and strategies that they will use to seek faculty employment and higher education advancement

There will be partnering and collaborating with local and national institutions of higher education. Focus also will be on in-person, hybrid and online teaching, as higher education is changing and the goal is to help prepare doctoral students for the professoriate in colleges and universities that are teaching or research focused. This revised PFF will give Ohio State University doctoral students opportunities to network with faculty at different universities on the local and national levels for future job placement.

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