Scarlet and Gay Leadership & Service Scholarships – Apply by March 8

The Scarlet & Gay LGBTQ Alumni Society is dedicated to making studying at The Ohio State University a financial reality for more LGBTQ students and their allies. Realizing that the financial demands placed on students and families because of the rising cost of higher education is often multiplied for LGBTQ students, fundraising efforts by the society has made these scholarships a reality. We hope to reach students who have been turned away by their family for “coming out,” and help LGBTQ students address other unique financial issues. Ohio State is dedicated to diversity, and these scholarships become one more tool for the University to recruit a diverse student body. These funds encourage students to choose Ohio State, and make it easier for more students to continue pursuing academic excellence at Ohio State.” (Scarlet & Gay LGBTQ Alumni Society)

The Scarlet and Gay Leadership & Service Scholarships are dedicated to undergraduate or graduate students who have demonstrated leadership through service, research, advocacy, or other contributions to the LGBTQ community. This year, we are dedicating these scholarships in honor of civil rights pioneer Marsha P. Johnson. Accordingly, we strongly encourage applications from students who demonstrate civic leadership and a commitment to protecting and promoting human dignity.

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