Graduate School Announces 2023 gradSERU Survey Results

In spring 2023, the Graduate School launched the Graduate Student Experience Survey, the first comprehensive survey of its kind in over five years. I am thrilled to share with you today that the results are now available to the Ohio State community! 

We’ve crafted a dedicated page on the Graduate School website where you’ll find the video of the high-level overview presentation I delivered in November 2023, along with its accompanying PowerPoint. You’ll also discover a link to a data dashboard that lets you dive deep into the data at the university, college and program levels, by demographics, provided that there are a minimum of 10 respondents. 

The survey results are enlightening and provide invaluable information for leadership and programs that are looking for ways to improve the graduate student experience. In general, student respondents are very satisfied with the quality of instruction and the knowledge they gain at Ohio State. Within the overall satisfaction sections of the survey, respondents were extremely positive about the quality of library resources and support with a rating of 95% satisfied. Student respondents also provided positive results for questions about sense of belonging, demonstrating a 93% satisfaction rate when asked about fair treatment from faculty members in their programs and an 88% satisfaction rate when asked if they are proud to be part of their program. While most respondents are generally happy with the support they receive from their programs, the survey data illuminates areas we can improve, and I look forward to working with you to do so.

Just so you know, I’ve been actively engaging with individual college leadership this spring to discuss the survey results at the college and program levels. I’m excited to partner with your colleges on initiatives to support and improve graduate student experiences where needed. 

As a final word of encouragement, I urge all of you to explore the dashboard and use the data to share successes and develop actionable steps to achieve positive experiences for your graduate students. If you have any questions about navigating the dashboard, Andrew Blatter at the Graduate School is ready and willing to assist.

We’re delighted to share this treasure trove of information with you finally! We believe it will be a powerful tool to support your graduate students now and into the future. 


Mary Stromberger
Vice Provost and Dean for Graduate Education

The Ohio State University
Graduate School