Immediate Call for Graduate Faculty Representatives (GFR) for PhD Final Exams

To graduate faculty members,

This message concerns an immediate need for Graduate Faculty Representatives (GFR) over the next ten days for PhD final exams.  There are 80 exams scheduled between now and the deadline of April 12 that do not yet have a GFR assigned. If you have a couple of hours this week and next week to spare, please consider serving in this role. As a reminder, the role of the GFR is to confirm the rigor and process of an oral exam.  It is not to evaluate the dissertation document itself, although a copy is provided for reference.

 I know this is a busy time of the semester for everyone, and time is at a premium, but anxious graduate students need our faculty colleagues to step up as a GFR to assure them they will receive a fair and equitable exam.  

 Please reach out to Sandy at if you want to request an exam list be sent to you.  This will be most helpful, and I thank you for helping our students complete their exams in time for a Spring 2024 graduation.

 Best regards,

Mary Stromberger
Vice Provost and Dean for Graduate Education