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Implementation Plan for Grad. Academic Accommodation Options for Autumn 2020 Semester

The Graduate School has worked with university leadership, the Council for Graduate Students, and the Graduate Council to create a plan for flexibility for students who are impacted by COVID-19 during Autumn 2020.

The plan includes four specific strategies to alleviate hardships that impact students grades by providing extended deadlines on course withdrawals, information on using an incomplete to finish work at a later date, and two options instructors can initiate to change the grading scale of a course to S/U due to specific circumstances.  If you have specific questions or concerns about your courses and grades, we encourage all students to speak to their instructors, programs, and even reach out to the Graduate School for support.

Updated November 6th 2020 - Implementation Plan for Grad. Academic Accommodation Options for Autumn 2020 Semester

UPDATE: Please see sections 3 and 4 of the Implementation Plan as the deadlines for by which (section 3) graduate programs can change the grading option for a courses to S/U and (section 4) instructors with student, student’s advisor, and program/Dean approval, can petition the Graduate School for a transfer of a student from the letter graded course into the new S/U course have both been moved to November 20th 2020.

Please note that students with an approved Application to Graduate for the Autumn 2020 semester will need to have all final autumn grades posted by December 11 in order to stay eligible for an autumn graduation.  Students who take an Incomplete for an autumn course will need to switch to the Autumn 2020 End-of-Semester (EOS) option and finish all courses by January 8, 2021, or re-apply to graduate and appropriately enroll for Spring 2021 courses.