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If you need to add a minor, GIS, or certificate program, file specific forms concerning enrollment, or apply for graduation; Gradforms is a one stop shop for filing necessary documents with the graduate school that assist in the completion of your degree and time at Ohio State.

GRADFORMS Instructions for Students


When you submit a form on GRADFORMS you are submitting to your advisor, program or committee depending on the form. This is not a submission directly to the Graduate School. Once the form is approved at the program level it will be electronically forwarded to the Graduate School

Application to Graduate

Must be received in the Graduate School, having been approved by advisor and program, by the posted deadline.

Visit the How to Apply for Graduation for more information on applying for graduation and selecting regular graduation versus End-of-Summer Graduation in GRADFORMS

  • End-­‐of-­‐Semester (EOS) If you select the end-­‐of-­‐semester option you will not graduate in the current semester. Selecting this option gives you additional time to complete requirements but you will graduate the following semester. Consult the Graduation Deadline schedule. Find out more about EOS in the Graduate Handbook section 7.12.
  • Applications are only good for one semester.

Application for Candidacy Exam

Must be to the Graduate School, having been approved by advisor and program, at least two weeks prior to the oral exam date (PhD/DMA only).

Application for Professional Exam

This is the candidacy equivalent for the professional doctorate students. (Professional Doctorate Only)

Application for Final Exam

Must be to the Graduate School, having been approved by the advisor, program, and all committee members, at least two weeks prior to the exam date (PhD/DMA only).


Where the form stands in the process

  • PENDING -­‐ Action needed at the program, advisor, or committee level. Check the form History and follow-­‐up with the necessary individual/s.
  • PENDINGGS-­‐ The Graduate School has received your form and, depending on the form, is waiting final processing or pending resolution of a problem. Look at the comments on the form to clarify the reason

How to check ‘History’ and ‘Comments’ on a submitted form

Log into GRADFORMS and select ‘Search Forms’ from the task bar. When the search screen comes up, scroll and click on ‘Apply Filters’. When the results of the search show on your screen, select the appropriate form from the list, and check the ‘Approval Status’ (5th column from the left). If the status is ‘PENDING*’ the Graduate School has your form and is acting on it. If the status is ‘PENDING’ someone at the program, advisor, or committee level has not yet acted on the form. Check the ‘History’. If the status is ‘PENDING*’ The Graduate School has your form and it is waiting final process or pending resolution of a problem. Click on the ‘View’ button in the ‘Actions’. When the form shows on your computer screen, you should see five tabs: Student Information, form name, History, Remarks, and Comments. Click on the ‘History’ tab to see who has or has not acted on the form or the ‘Comments’ tab to see if there are problems.

External Member

Any committee member who is not a member of the OSU Graduate Faculty is considered external. A Committee and Examination Petition must be submitted to the Graduate School and approved before the examination can take place.



Alternatively, you can reach out to:

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