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Pursuing Your Degree

Programs vary in structure, but almost all students experience a common set of milestones on their way to finishing their degree: admission, coursework, a thesis or dissertation, final exams, and commencement.

Explore this section to get a better understanding of how master’s and doctoral degree programs work. You can view high-level program timelines, learn more about GA or fellowship requirements, tap into career development resources, and more. For even greater detail, you can always view the Graduate School Handbook, the definitive source for graduate education policy at Ohio State.

What to Expect

Learn about the steps that lead to a graduate degree.

Whether you’re considering a graduate degree or are a recently admitted student, it’s helpful to have an overview of what you’ll experience while at Ohio State. 

Graduate Student Experience

If there is something you need, chances are that it exists at Ohio State.

The Graduate School advocates for the academic, social, and resource needs of graduate students and works collaboratively with other units on campus to provide support.

Course Registration

Timely and accurate registration is vital. These instructions, calendars, and tips will help keep you on track.


The Graduate School Handbook is the master policy and guideline reference for all graduate programs. Faculty, staff, and students use it to clarify degree requirements, procedures, timelines, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers! Graduate education is a big step—it’s important to have a solid understanding of what’s required and what lies ahead.

Graduate Fellows

Fellowships provide funding to pay for tuition, fees, student health insurance, and more. Graduate fellows also receive special privileges for parking and library services.

Graduate Associates

These appointments support graduate students and give them an opportunity to experience teaching, research, or administrative activities. Learn about requirements, the paycheck calendar, payroll deduction, summer fee authorization, and other aspects of being a GA.

Career Building Strategies and Skill Development

Support to help you attain the career you want.

Career Building Strategies and Skill Development resources at Ohio State for graduate students are many, varied, and offered across the campus.

We provide leadership, service and advocacy. 

Learn More About the Graduate School